Motorised blinds, remote, phone app and voice-controlled

Upgrade your order with motorised options across our Roman, Roller and Pleated blinds range. 

Join the upcoming trend and control your blinds with a programmable multi-channel remote, phone app or your voice. 

We offer a range of technological advances when it comes to our blinds. Choose from hard-wired systems, battery operated and solar-panelled charged electrical motors. 

Take advantage of our Dream Hub and connect all of your blinds to one central control system, then connect it to Google Home/Alexa for full app and voice control access. 

The benefits of motorised & smart technology

We understand there is more cost involved when it comes to motorising your blinds but there a number of benefits that come with it. 


For instance, you immediately eliminate the child safety risks that come with all corded blinds.


You can program your blinds to automatically open and close when you're away, increasing security. 

For people who are less able, it can increase their independence without the risk of harmful factors like tripping or falling. 

For those of you who work in an office, a sensor automatically identifies when direct sunlight is affecting a working area causing glare. The sensor will open and close the blinds, saving time and promoting occupational health. 

Find out more about our motorised solutions by booking your free measure-up visit today.

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